Xbox Series S: A Nice Alternative For Graphics Card

A little background, I built a PC back in June 2021. I needed a device to run Android Studio + an Android emulator smoothly. And I chose a PC since it’s way cheaper than a laptop (without a graphic card, obviously). And now, a couple of months have passed. As a gamer, I also would like to buy a graphics card. But, since the graphics card price is skyrocketing this year, I can’t buy one.

I also did some research about the alternatives for that thing. I found Xbox Series X and PS 5 as the most in-demand console right now for gamers. The performance of both machines is good, especially if you think about their price. But, still, I don’t need a machine that is that fast (I only got a 1080p monitor though). And, I found out about Xbox Series S.

from: Microsoft official page

Xbox Series S

This is a far better option than a graphics card that I could buy at that things’ price range. It costs me around IDR 5 Mio, and with that, I can only buy a GTX 1650 Super at this time. Then why choose Series S rather than 1650 Super? Simply because the Xbox Series S’ performance is unrivaled by GTX 1650 Super.

It could run most games at 1440p 60 fps, meanwhile, GTX 1650 Super could only run most games at 1080p. The design is too good to be true. It comes in white color, and it’s also come in a small form factor compared to the other consoles (Xbox Series X or PS5).

The gaming experience is great. I love playing games with a stick (controller) than with a pair of a keyboard & a mouse. But, some of you might be wondering, “What about the list of games that are available for this system?”. This brings us to the next reason why I chose this console.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a revolutionary system in the gaming industry. It’s a subscription plan that Microsoft offers to us, and the price is starting at IDR 50 thousand per month (pretty cheap, right?). It gives us the ability to play over 400 titles of games.

Play Station also has a similar service, but the price is set way higher than Game Pass. And also the list of games is way much less than what Game Pass offers. And on PC, the only thing that’s great about the game is the free games from Epic Games Store (hehe).

So, if you would like to play the recent games and maybe some next-gen games, and also you don’t really need the ability to run the game at 4K resolution, then I guess Xbox Series S will be the perfect answer for you.

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